Flair For You @ Metalmorphasis

Your fridge, and steel doors, look like they could use some more flair. If vintage scares are your preferred flair, you can snag some in #magnet form over at #Metalmorphasis for $9.50 each! They've also got metal bookmarks, jewelry, garden signs, a gigantic Bone Throne worthy of a War Goddess or Death Demon (typical Bisbee visitors, I'm sure), beautiful stones with intricate wire trees "growing" from them, metal javelina, and so much more. Why not #TreatYoSelf for #420 and #AliceInBisbeeland this weekend with some gifts for you if not for anyone else? 😘 (They've got some fun Alice-inspired shirts in there, too!)

Metalmorphasis is at 79 Main Street in Bisbee, next to Acacia. If you can't make it this weekend, know that hours vary by season so call ahead if you're visiting from afar. 💜

(Editor's Note: Metalmorphasis is no longer open here as of 2019.)

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