Sharing Food #inBisbee

Pro Tip: Visit restaurants with someone you don't mind sharing food with so you can try/share all the deliciousness. Especially helpful for those who have trouble deciding on dishes.


Don't have anyone to go out to eat with? Strangers can be fun to talk to so you could always #PayItForward with a #RandomActOfKindness (or #RandomActOfFood ?) and surprise someone else with a meal. Of course, if you're feeling selfish (nothing wrong with that - you work hard and deserve to #TreatYoSelf from time to time) or don't see anyone else around to treat, ordering up some extra food to save for a meal or two later can be fun as well.

(Okay, so I wrote all that as an excuse to post this photo of the two delicious breakfast dishes my husband and I split at Ana's Seasonal Kitchen a week or so ago. Oh my goodness... I wish I was in Old B now so I could start my walk over and get some... I mean, I guess it is only three miles from here... I'm small. I should be able to fit on that tiny ass sidewalk around the pit, right? 😅)

#HappyWednesday / #HappyHumpDay my loves! What are you up to #inBisbee today?

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