Random Thoughts in the Monsoon Wild

#HappyFriday 😍 #MonsoonSeason (#MonswoonSeason!) is in full effect and greenery abounds. Despite my best efforts, the yard is starting to become quite wild. Lovely, but definitely need to watch out for snakes! I don't actually mind snakes and they are a needed part of the ecosystem, but don't want to scare a rattler or anything in a tight spot. 😬 The hundreds of baby grasshoppers everywhere are super adorable, though! Can't get enough of them. (Ask me again if/when we ever have a swarm like in Vegas.) Took this #panoramic shot from the back porch while changing out the suet. Such an unbelievably #gorgeous day! Still not strong enough to leave the yard quite yet but at least I can enjoy this beauty from here. πŸ’š

Also, think it is time to finally get a manual mower. Or at least the attachment to turn our electric trimmer into a mower. The Husqvarna gas trimmer we have is great but it is almost as tall as I am with the other attachments so I find myself using it less and less, even if it works so well. Plus, as cute as I think I am in the ear protection, would much rather peace and quiet for everyone and not just muffled me. πŸ˜‰

In other news, mice got into my stash of candles again at some point, and I realized I should have gotten more for tonight. Last week I went to find extra candles in one of my other hiding spots - a decorative wooden box featuring a map of the world - and found one of my husband's old books of prayers for #Sabbath and such instead. Was actually a beautiful experience. Thankful for that. πŸ’œ

Parents got their DNA results back and now there are more questions than answers. Looks like Northeastern Turkish or Georgian on my dad's side, too (have to go through trees more), in addition to some from Lithuania (surprise! on both sides!), Italy, and Russia instead of all Greece. Family always said our direct ancestor was a slave to a Turkish man who then escaped to Southern Greece, so very interesting! Mom's results provide slight clarity to the name changes, traditions, and family recipes, but she already finished her free trial before the results came in so she's locked out of the actual paperwork until she buys more time.

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