Random Thoughts of Red Hair and Real Estate

Goodbye, red and orange hair. You were fun. 😊 Will see you again later, I'm sure.

Now, question is, do I feel strong enough to deal with bleach right now. πŸ˜…

Next time you see me, I should have hair worthy of a certain Sailor Senshi, if not a bit short. (Too bad I didn't bring my violin out west...) TBH, I would just go full on Haruka over Michiru because it is hot, I want to go super short, and I kind of miss the blonde BUT I've been dying to do Neptune hair forever. Been a while since I had any blue or green in my hair. Maybe four or five years? 😬

Oh, and on a semi-related note to this image, would you be interested in a ridiculous parody of all those house hunting shows but set in Bisbee? And with people really looking at places despite it also being satire? We were talking about it yesterday and had some ideas as we work toward our very own money pit... πŸ˜…

"I don't know, honey. This has the cracked retaining wall and the crooked stairs, but where's the Bisbee Lean? I was really looking forward to that."

"Well, it DOES have the haunted abandoned mine shaft."

"True, and it is only $30k over budget! Too bad it doesn't include the mineral rights..."

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