Bored? Here's Some Random Things to Do Instead of Accidentally Hurt Yourself or Others Doing Stupid Shit

We all get bored sometimes. Or may be we have things to do but we just want to procrastinate but can't think of anything to procrastinate with - perhaps procrastinating on the procrastination, if you will. Now that I'm done (read: temporarily paused) with reading about the history of hazing in the United States of America while also enjoying some of Arizona's medicinal cannabis offerings (haven't touched an oxy for my pain or anything in YEARS, y'all), I cannot get all these alternate ideas out of my head. You know, alternatives to making your pledges dangle upside-down off piers while bound then having to cover-up their accidental murder for years until another student dies in a pledge accident gone wrong. (How is there not a show on History, or Lifetime, about all this yet!?) Can't ya'll compete in like, charity competitions? Who feeds the most homeless and gets the most elderly people to the strip club for a proper lap dance? I don't know. There are OPTIONS, people. Don't chug a bunch of liquor or saltpeter! Fix up a local cemetery instead (maybe while you're all dressed like ghosts, if you still want to do something different).

Look, this may be the cannabis talking (a mellow 1:1 distillate, so nothing too crazy), and I haven't had liquor in a good couple few days, but this world is filled with possibilities! We all were content playing with cardboard boxes as kids, imagining all sorts of shit. Let's use our brain meats and not resort to things seen on "Jackass" or any traveling circus, mmkay? I'm not just talking pledging or simple childhood boredom. Talking about taking the blues away from the bills and other absurdities and let downs of the lives we're leading. Nothing is ever as it seems and never as we want it to be - not really. Sometimes you just need a different perspective when it is time to pass the... time. And, you know, not accidentally kill your friends or yourselves with stupidity let alone uncaring behaviors rooted in something much deeper and more psychological than we can address right now. Maybe later, when I stop with the 'no liquor' part. That is a good combo, right? NOPE! List, list...

  1. Pick up phone. Look up your phone's app store. Search for your favorite game from childhood. See if app exists. If yes, check reviews to make sure it isn't a scam, then install and play away. (DO NOT DO IF BORED WHILE DRIVING!)
  2. If bored while driving, and you are so done with "20 Questions" or "I Spy", why not delve into the psychological profiles of your favorite television characters? Works best with other people in the car, but no reason you can't incorporate a recording device to record your own possible future dissertation on some in-depth character studies. (Also works well at home while "Netflix and Chill"ing, though probably not during the "Chill" part.)
  3. Watch a different national news channel than you normally would for at least a half hour. Then watch a different international news channel than you normally would for at least a half hour. Contemplate the differences between what you normally watch and that.
  4. (BreakTime! Snack Break! Smoke Break! Ahhh...)