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Fuel the Future

Fuel the Future

We sell and share goods and services in order to fuel projects across the country. Some items fund projects that are part of our own BZT LLC network of sites. Others fund the dreams of creative artists, innovators, educators, techs, entrepreneurs, and community leaders that pay attention to their potential impact on the world as much as they do the bottom line. Take a look at our current sales to see what project we're fueling next!

Love, Leafleur <3

Love, Leafleur <3

Looking for The Bazaar Traveler and Leafleur Magazine's joint venture, The Partakery Shop? Have no fear: we're getting new suppliers, new art glass, and other new goodies for you to enjoy! You must be 21+ to purchase items from The Partakery Shop. (All profits after costs go toward operating the grassroots Leafleur Magazine to change the perception for medical patients and professionals who partake.)

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The Bazaar Traveler's eCaravan.Co project: @inBisbee

The Bazaar Traveler's eCaravan.Co project: @inBisbee

Every purchase helps another person's dream in and around Bisbee - the charismatic and creative little community in Cochise County, Arizona.

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  • Purchase-It-Forward

    Every purchase on The Bazaar Traveler (including all affiliated sites) goes towards helping others make their dreams come true. Whether that dream is for their business, their family, their community, themselves, or the world, we provide consultations, products, and services to get them to the next level.

  • Research & Reviews

    We spend a lot of time traveling but we also spend a lot of time researching and reviewing products, services, and experiences so you don't have to - but if you want to, you can leave your thoughts, too! We encourage business owners to endorse each other as much as we hope customers leave feedback for their personal experiences.

  • Artisan First, then...

    This world is filled with some incredibly talented people and we believe they deserve to be credited - and compensated - accordingly. We try to find products that come from artisans first before going with mass-produced options. We also love the creative possibilities of upcycling thrift shop and estate sale finds. Who knows what treasures might be discovered?

Live Your Dreams, Love the Adventure, Change the World!

The Bazaar Traveler is a curated collection of articles, reviews, products, and services for those who pay it forward while partaking responsibly and in style.