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To celebrate life and each other, then connect people and the things/services they need - no matter how far away they all may be. Weddings, home decor, geekery, advice, crowdfunding, and more!

There is nothing wrong with having a dream unless you are going to get depressed and beat yourself up over failing at said dream. Having a dream is a wonderful thing and if you've done everything you possibly can without hurting anybody (including yourself) but don't quite reach the goal it still doesn't mean you failed. You gave it an honest go and probably found the real root of your dream along the way.

Conversely, if you never try your hand at your dream you may find yourself not even realizing the lack of that path in your life has caused unhappiness to creep in where it otherwise shouldn't be. What is holding you back? Would following your dream require you to move across the country or the world? More schooling? Funding you just do not have? Is it because your family thinks you cannot achieve your goals, or do you just not think you can in your heart? Given today's interconnected society there is no reason why we cannot all work together to find ways to make each other's dreams a reality.

The Bazaar Traveler started as a way to use our activities to raise awareness and capital to eventually help others do the same for whatever it was they dreamt of doing. I have spent years now researching funding methods, building our social media presence, and networking with businesses, artists musicians, performers, breweries, restaurants, IT technicians, mental health professionals, and so many others. This has been all leading up to the time when I could take all of our projects to the next level as they all are what will generate the income to help others! I hope working with our connected travelers will help make their favorite communities a better place for all. :)

If you're following The Bazaar Traveler, know that we travel around as we buy, share, and sell goods to spread the good around!

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