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"I'm just an Epileptic+ girl, posting in front of an Internet, asking them to kick a bucket list with me."

Random Thoughts, Travels, and TMI of a writer, artist, and tech with Epilepsy, PTSD, Endometriosis, and other Chronic Conditions, now based on the US/MX border in Cochise County, Arizona. Moved West on Doctor's advice for a chance at a better life (mainly, a better medical cannabis program). Broke down in Bisbee, AZ in September 2015 while on a 9,998 mile road trip and instantly knew we were home.

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Owner/Operator of BZT Universe. Curator at The Bazaar Traveler. Editor-in-Chief at Leafleur Magazine. Director at the inBisbee project. 1/2 of A Couple of Als. Cannabis Patient Advocate.

Formerly of Fairfield County (CT), Oxford County (ME), Suffolk County (MA), and Collier County (FL).

Topics Often Include (But Are Not Limited To): Life as a patient, Medical Cannabis, Travel, Ketogenic Diet (for Epilepsy), Religion, Spirituality, Science, Music, Art.

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