The Partakery Shop

The Partakery ShopThank you for your interest in The Partakery Shop (a joint venture between The Bazaar Traveler and Leafleur Magazine): the lifestyle shop for professionals and patients who partake. The shop itself is currently closed as we are remodeling it for added security and updating our inventory with new clothing, media, art glass, and more - with all proceeds continuing to go toward running the grassroots Leafleur Magazine and associated programs and projects.  We hope to see you back once we re-open (follow @thePartakery on Twitter for updates)!

-- Due to the nature of some of the items and articles inside, The Partakery Shop is a "21+ Only" area of our shop. You must verify your age, as well as adhere to other restrictions, in order to enter and purchase items from this section of The Bazaar Traveler.  Thank you for your understanding! --