Welcome to "For Love and Fandom"! - For geekery, romance, and style!

For Love and Fandom
Welcome to For Love and Fandom!
We love love, love geekery, and love when both are combined (in fact - we are even available for cosplay and other fandom weddings)! We hope to celebrate with our favorites and yours while offering ways to show your love and geekery in your home.

Pictured Here: Jamberry "Gold CrissCross" and Clear Polka Dot Nail Wraps.

Featured at Bonefish Grill, Naples, Florida.

Dress up your inner geek by taking the essence of your favorite characters and turning them into the pieces of the puzzle that make up your big day. For example, fans of Sailor Venus can opt for gold and orange favors, drinks, foods, and adornments along with pretty much anything things heart-shaped. To truly geekify this bellini I'd suggest a "love me chain" around the stem.

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