An After-Class R&B Bowl without the R&B

It was another beautiful day here #inBisbee today and I was fortunate enough to attend a noon class at #FitWorksBisbee after which I was quite famished.  I have some design work to discuss and planned on a working lunch over at #TheKetoBakery in the Bakerville neighborhood but the bus schedule here isn't always conducive to one's own schedule. (Especially when one wandered and gabbed.) I thought I'd missed it by about ten minutes but had actually read the wrong stop's time and missed it by twenty. Not that it mattered by then, either way. My tech was dying, however, and I was about to be sans communication options so it was time to caffeinate and charge up a bit over on Subway Street!

It always smells so good in Bathtub Coffee, and not just from the beans: they have some wickedly delicious looking/smelling food but I'd never been able to try it because I'd already started my medical diet and nothing quite matched up to what I could eat.  I'd sit there and watch friends enjoy their meals as I sipped on my lovely lattes or the like but, still, not the same...

I can't have rice and beans anymore. Riced Cauliflower usually cuts it but I'd yet to find a good substitute for beans. Well, I think I finally have, thanks to Bathtub Coffee! We talked it out and it was offered that the rice and beans could be replaced with more chicken and mushrooms, and boy were those mushrooms so good and chopped just right that they replaced the beans SO WELL! Mmm... I actually kept forgetting I was eating mushrooms and not beans.

It is always so hard to find Keto-Friendly food (unless at The Keto Bakery here, of course!), but the fact that I was able to get a Rice and Bean bowl without the Rice and Beans thanks to the awesome staff at BC really added extra joy to my increasingly awesome day! It was so delicious I totally forgot to drink my equally delicious coffee... oops! Let me work on that now... Mmm, #icedlatte ...

Anyway, back to my latte and my writing. There is so much to do! And now I have a ride on its way... (Think I'll order a #ColdBrew and another one of these bowls #ToGo as a thank you to my ride, too!)

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