Pro Tip for Navigating Safely #inBisbee

Be careful in Bisbee! Between the crazy stairs, hiking trails, uneven and twisty roads, and everything in between ( abandoned mines!), you never know if your next step might be your next story of how you got that scar. With a music festival in town and much drinking, partaking, and revelry to go around it is important to stay safe and aware of yourself, others, and the rest of your surroundings. Stay hydrated, stay rested, stay fed (may I suggest Ana's or Thuy's or a host of other places?)...

And if everything goes wrong, know that the Copper Queen Hospital is right outside the old city in the Bakerville/Warren neighborhood. (We might see you there instead of the venue today. Another thing to be wary of: burning your hand badly when making delicious spicy local chorizo for breakfast after not sleeping much from being out late working the night before. Oops! 😥)

Stay safe, Side Pony festival goers and everyone else around!

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