Thoughts of Things to Paint and Interwebs to Surf

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to do a painting of this... 😍

Seen on a walk with the dogs and the Mr. yesterday.

The Mr. is supposed to have a much needed day off today buuuut you know how that goes in #TechLife. At least the last couple hours have been all remote! Even if the call came in right when we were about to grab our portable ACs from storage. 😬 It is HOT! 😅 He's actually just wired up on the couch now with all his gear since the office area is in direct sun at the moment. At least the WiFi is working well today! (Need to finally replace the old router.)

Speaking of remote and internet connections, have you seen the Sparklight trucks around? CableOne rebranded as they are focusing on more high-speed internet connections. We already were bumped to a nice package that is basically unlimited at this point given how high our cap is now. We always intended on upgrading to Gigabit once we became more settled and I could work more, so looking forward to seeing how things turn out with all their plans going forward.

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