Random Thoughts of Website Work

Need to work on all my projects but my head and body have been so wonky lately, I am lucky I can even do things around the house. It is okay, though. So thankful to be safe and sound. Watching what is going on in The Bahamas is heartbreaking. Reminds me, however, that BZT was first and foremost made to help others in all sorts of ways. We all need to work together in this world, in whatever way we can. If that is physical labor, ok. Money, ok. Time, info, ok. We can all work together.

One update, tho! Been a couple weeks since we've been keeping Kosher Keto and I must say it is actually quite amazing. MUCH harder, sure, but I feel like a lot of the dietary rules are making my stomach MUCH happier. My gastro illnesses can still flare up badly, and what happens after some seizures doesn't help, but things haven't been the same nor as intense. Also, I had no idea until recently that part of what the inspecting Rabbi does is look for bugs on your salad and other produce? Um, given how many times we've bought fresh salad greens supposedly triple washed but still covered in bugs, including hatching ones... ๐Ÿ˜… Yes, please.

A bit sad that alligator isn't Kosher (don't get me started on that debate given the debate already over poultry - I am going to be such an annoying student OMG sorry) but not like it is easy to get fresh or reasonably fresh gator meat here in Arizona. (Oh, the place near our old home in Florida... So good. Mmm!) As for other things, I actually had already started tiring of bacon a while ago, just used it to add fat and flavor to recipes lately TBH, so that isn't even bothering me (and not like I enjoy pork rinds). Can't quite afford to get seperate cooking equipment quite yet tho but it is the little things. Keeping mostly vegetarian lately, anyway. Of course, I say this after I actually ate a burger. ๐Ÿ˜…

Definitely going to have to do more work on KosherCochise.Com this week. It is Elul now so preparations for the New Year have started. Too bad I still haven't found the box with the shofar. (...haven't found it shofar! ๐Ÿ˜…)

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