Where Are You Staying #inBisbee?

Whether you're booking a room at one of the historic hotels around town or booking a home online via a sharing-economy platform, there's plenty of options to choose from to make your Bisbee trip last more than one day!

Why? Well, to take in all the sites, shops, music, art, history, biking, hiking, birding, etc. around the area you will definitely need more than a day or two. You can even stay in an RV (your own or rented) if you'd rather rough it a little more! Plus, without staying overnight you'll not just miss out on all there is to do, you'll miss out on all the ghosts reported to haunt the town. ;-) By spending more time in the city, you'll be helping local businesses and citizens survive and flourish in this unique, amazing place without changing what makes it so great. Come stay awhile and find out yourself. :-) If you're a hotel, home rental, or other place of lodging and are looking to upgrade your network, expand your market reach, build a website with online bookings and social media options, or need any of our other services - we'll be back in Bisbee this Summer and offering free consultations! ^_^

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