Confessions of a Bisbee-holic

"It's a rainy Monday here in Bisbee, but I'm looking back at sunnier days the last time I was healthy enough to leave the house. Cooper is cuddled by my side as I try to read and write and create... My vision is vibrating and it feels like small earthquakes in my head, so it is taking some extra time.. and sure I could just curl up and close my eyes for a while... But that is all my life seems to be lately.

It is weird living in Bisbee. I feel so cut off from the problems of the rest of the world. Like we've not just gone back in time but into some other dimension. Except the Wall. We are a bordertown. We have fences and walls and all that. At least over in Naco and the rest of Unincorporated Cochise County that surrounds us. Bisbee Junction. In the shadow of Sierra San Jose.

We have an economy dependent on tourism, much from over the border which was actually just daily shopping. Other than that, though... This town feels like a barrier from the chaos and crazy in the world, despite all the chaos and crazy that happens here, too."

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