Don't Overestimate Your Abilities When Hiking Big Ass Mountains

How is the weather where you are today? It is another cold and windy one here in Southeastern Arizona!

Sat down when I remembered I left the coffee by the laptop and decided to share a photo of one of Mr. Al's recent adventures. He and a visiting friend went hiking up in Carr Canyon at the end of January as part of a two week hiking/adventure trip they'd planned for a while. They hadn't seen each other in three years but kept in touch about all their adventures while planning for the future. He was so excited about this trip but this hike especially for years since they started talking about it and the ultimate goal was Miller, but the avid hiking/climbing friend apparently wasn't so avid anymore in either and they found themselves only able to do about three miles before having to turn around due to said friend's exhaustion (so only a total of six round trip...). This after said friend also kept insisting Miller and Carr looked "easy". Aww. (PS: He changed his mind about the easy part once he showed up at the base, at least..)

This is why it is important not to overstate your abilities when planning a major trip! If you are going alone it could be even more dangerous, but if you are with others you have to remember you will all be relying on each other. If one person gets hurt, you need to be able to get help. You can plan ahead, but you can only plan so much, and that planning has to be based on reality and not fantasy. Just because you did something four or five years ago doesn't always mean you can pick things back up where you left off as if nothing changed. Be honest with yourself and others about your abilities, and you will all have a MUCH more enjoyable adventure. <3

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