Overhaul Notes from the Editor (Leafleur Magazine)

Did a major overhaul on @LeafleurMagazine last week and finally opened the IG account from its original closed beta. That is where all the main news about the site, articles, podcast, recordings, etc. will be. Also information will be posted about how you can get more involved. Now @loveLeafleur will finalize the switch to mainly being #ThoughtsOnHigh #PatientStories.

The other side accounts will remain as is, except @LeafleurPartakery is no longer going to obviously be about our building everything in Maine with the side of the shop, since we stayed in Arizona for what is one of my husband's dream jobs. Main focus will return to the Partakery Shop (or was I spelling that "Shoppe" by the end? ^_^;) and product releases, as well as any special dinners or events (talking to a few people about the possibilities for that).

Also, @FroggieMercury will be taking over for @PartakeInComedy and @PartakeInMusic as has been his dream since the days of him and Jonny C. yucking it up in the swamplands of Florida (long story, but those with @TheBazaarTraveler for a LONG while will have a bit of an inkling on that... ^_^;;;).

Anyway, here's some concentrate from Venom Extracts that I forgot to include a strain name photo of, so... surprise?

Options from that dispensary trip were Amnesia Haze, Skunk No. 1, Royal Jack, and... a fourth I am blanking on (probably because I forgot to re-up my distillate dose, oops). Royal Jack was photographed AND tagged in the next photo set, however, so I know it isn't that one... Your guess is as good as mine at this point (this one is LONG gone to #dab heaven...).

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