Partake in Love #inBisbee

What are your plans for #ValentinesDay? Here are just two of the many options #inBisbee:

Lunar Landing is presenting the "Flamenco Del Amor" show at the Bisbee Royale, featuring MahaVia Flamenco and Flamenco singer Olivia Rojas, with special guest Robert Earl Longley. It will also feature tapas by Ana's Seasonal Kitchen. YUM!

If you are a little more lonesome tonight, you can participate in Bathtub Coffee's Lonely Hearts Open Mic night. Soak up the caffeine and feels while sharing with friends and strangers alike! (Plus: Free Wi-Fi so you can livestream your sesh!)

Also: Hubby informs me that Roka and others have already been booked solid as well, so if you haven't made any plans around town yet better start cracking! (...I feel like some of you may insert some naughty jokes here, but again, we'll leave that to the pros at Chuckleheads...) I myself have to start putting together some things I picked up at Black Sheep Imports, Tumbleweed Gypsy, and Redbone yesterday for a fun Valentine's Day surprise. :) What about you? :)

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