Budgets, Barnies, and Bernadines on the Border

Budget. Budget. Budget. Only thing missing is the visor and the click-clack of a real, tangible, noisy-ass calculator. The ticker. The tape. OK, that'd be wasteful in this day and age, but the mood would be set. (Already crafted an incense called "Accounting" in my head. Maybe I'll call it "Barney".)

Paying down more bills early this month. Some were paid a month in advance. THAT FEELS AMAZING! Ah. Being able to stock up on medicine in Phoenix this month was such a game-changer thanks to the amount of money it saved. The prices somehow came down even more than when he last was able to go to Phoenix for meds, so it is now worth it to make a day-trip up there once a month even - yes, even with the time and gas! There is one day a week I can even get my inhalers buy-one-get-one-free, too, which...!!! Those things can start at $80 a pop, and it is good to have multiples around for different needs...

Keep wanting to go out to eat but we cook as much as we can at home, even when too tired and busy, so we can save even more toward our goals, and mainly BZT! Paying down medical debt. Pretty much done with moving debt now, though we finally had to start buying furniture and shoes and all those other pesky important things we put off for years during the chaos. (Thank goodness for being able to utilize Affirm! Even just used it to finally get a Keto Mojo Kit! :D But, also, our couches...! And soon, some prescription glasses!)

Also need some more work on Truck Finley (suspension, windows, the hole from Alex and the other one from the wall...). Debate rages on for RV vs. trailer for long-haul trips (two of which may be absolute necessities - one for work, one for family - soon). Need to talk to a friend about a Toyota. I think it is a Toyota, at least. (I'm out of GC and the ChemDawg is making me fuzzy.)

Seizures have mainly come from cold triggers lately. Otherwise, pretty much OK! A bit of sad family news from several fronts, but life goes like that, doesn't it? Still so much to smile about. Still so much to live for. And yes, still haven't explained that some situations yet. Kept getting distracted by puppies, husband, and beef jerky (just being honest).

Snow Rolling into Cochise County, AZ

(Photo taken as the snow storms started to roll in along the mountains in both Southeastern Arizona and Mexico last week. Driving barely a mile away from the border here.)

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