Cleaning + Memories

We've moved so many times over the years and, at some point in the last few, my Atari plus a bunch of games went missing. The boxes are all still there, but not the system nor the games. Which is weird, because if someone wanted to steal them for profit they'd be worth much more with the boxes (and with the other original wires if not the joysticks...).

Just found another piece of evidence in a random box I decided to go through. Freeway! On back: "Conceived and designed by David Crane for one or two players."

I was the biggest gamer in the house, and I often got crap for it (and my micro machines) since I was a girl (they even talked me out of applying for my dream university to design games and I listened because I didn't know any better 😭). Thinking I may know the culprit, in fact... Wouldn't be the first time they did it, except that time was decades ago and they were caught. And they had ample opportunity during one moving session, hmm...

At least this time nothing ended up destroyed before being returned to me. 😜 Well, that I know of... That "Slalom" NES game showed up years later, hidden in their room, only to be found upon intense cleaning after an accident. 😅 Ah, #MondayMemories of #Family and #Geekery...

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