Sleepless on "Seattle Sunday"

It is a #SeattleSunday, apparently. ✌ Looking back over old photos and posts about our first trip there to fulfill many a bucket list item and dream. Had to laugh that this "Sleepless in Seattle" night shirt was one of the first things we saw once landing. ☺ I wanted to live on a houseboat like Tom Hanks in the movie so badly! Ah... We actually looked at living on houseboats when we still lived in Boston and checked them out online when we thought we were moving to Seattle. Boats are in our blood, anyway. (Totally why we live on a sky island in Arizona overlooking high desert here and across in Mexico, right?)

This trip was before we knew I had Epilepsy (though one of my doctors had noted seizures years before) so the trip was slightly uncomfortable as I still didn't understand what was going on. Did already know about all my other "fun" illnesses, though, and would never have been able to enjoy this fine city without the lovely people at Ganja Goddess. 😁

 "Awesome pajamas for sale at the airport! Lol "Sleepless in Seattle" hahaha" - (July 4, 2015.)

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