Loving Loveland Pizza

They had us at "salami" and "gouda" - the rest was just delicious extras. The Contandina Pizza from Arte Pizzeria. Huge thanks to the most awesome Maribeth from LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Loveland, CO for the recommendation.

We have a bunch of pictures and stories stockpiled from today and all days but we also hadn't eaten for a good while. (Not since Del Taco in New Mexico but for Alan it was more like Arizona.) This hit the spot. Plus it was right next to a place that finally had some good craft beer to try. Don't know if I'll make it past my Pepsi though (or was that Coke?).

We may have reasons for going back to the Northeast that are not 100% happy but we are making the most of what we can. There's a storm brewing out there so it was advised we take our time now. After a week of crazy driving followed by two weeks of being broken down in Bisbee and living in a tent... we could use some downtime in a place like this.

Ok it was about bedtime for me in AZ so I'm getting a little sleepy. Thankfully we also have a fridge so this food won't go to waste like our leftovers at Hotel Indigo Downtown Asheville.

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